IGTV: What we know and how it can be used to help your business

The recent launch of Instagram TV, or “IGTV” has created quite the buzz in the
social media world, so we thought we would take a look for ourselves to see what
it’s all about.


What we’ve learned:

During the IGTV launch, we learned that Instagram now has one billion monthly
users. IGTV is a way for Instagram to allow longer videos to be posted to their
platform. Videos can be as long as one hour and it can be accessed through the
Instagram app as we know it, or through its standalone app which is called IGTV.
Currently, only users with large followings have the ability to harness the one
hour long video power, and average users are only able to post for shorter
amounts of time. We’ve learned that Instagram TV was launched to create a more
adaptable way to watch TV on mobile devices. On video platforms that we know
best, we are forced to watch videos crunched in our phone screen vertically, or
else we have to rotate or phones to watch the video horizontally which doesn’t
seem natural. The new IGTV app allows users to upload content vertically, which
is supposed to provide ease for people who wish to record videos via smartphone.

Who it targets:

IGTV is targeted at millennial users who seem to be spending more time on their
phones than in front of the television screen. IGTV has endorsed a few
established influencers to help kick-off the launch. By doing this they are
aiming to provide younger users with more interaction from the amatuer content
creators that this generation seems to respond so well to. IGTV is hoping to
provide people, particularly millenials, with different TV series that can be
watched comfortably from their mobile devices.

Advertising on IGTV:

Plot-twist: IGTV currently has no advertising features at all. Will it stay like
this? Probably not. But for now it's somewhat nice to enjoy a social media
platform that isn’t cluttered by advertisements. IGTV plans to wait it out a bit
and see how well the app does before they introduce any advertising to the new
feature. There’s really no way to determine how long of a wait that this will
be, but if all goes well IGTV will probably take advantage of advertising sooner
than later. Although there are no advertisements playing in the beginning of the
video, (like we know all to well on the YouTube app) micro-influencers still
have the ability to promote brand products directly through their content. With
this being said, even though IGTV currently isn’t a money making platform it’s
still a great, new way for businesses to dip their toes into the
micro-influencer market to help promote their products.

How it can impact your business:

Although IGTV has only existed for a short amount of time, it’s already pretty
clear that it is going to have a big impact on businesses. It’s provides a great
way for businesses to upgrade their content. It’s a cool new way for companies
to expose their brand and to market their products. Not only does this new
Instagram feature make it even easier for companies to engage with audiences,
but it also helps them to connect with, and be discovered by new people all over
the world. Individual companies can provide clickable to links in their bios
that lead customers to their website or to products. This is a great feature for
companies to use to help market their brand. If used correctly, IGTV can be just
what your business needs to step up your social media game.


Our opinions & what we would like to see updated:

Our opinions are based off of our first few impressions and will most likely
change over time. With that said, we are still unsure of the usefulness and
potential quality of these IGTV videos.

From a creator perspective, there are a few obvious issues that come with
vertical video. Just filming the video alone will be difficult because you are
forced to turn the camera or phone vertically, and most tripods lack this
feature. These videos are gearing towards higher production quality, and will
most likely need to be edited on a computer, yet will only be viewed on the few
inches of your phone screen. If a creator doesn’t want to edit via computer,
there are no tools to either film and/or edit within the app itself.

*From a viewer perspective, *one of the biggest issues we have is the ability to
discover new creators and new content. At this time users can only search for a
specific influencer. Users cannot search via keyword or general topic. This is
something that YouTube excels at.

Since our company loves all things Instagram, we are interested in seeing what
updates Instagram makes to the IGTV platform as it gains more momentum in the
user interface. IGTV has the potential to change the way we use social media