Our latest campaign we worked on was with our friends at
Skyhour. Skyhour is a gifting platform that allows you
to give and receive what they call “skyhours.” They equate one skyhour to one
hour of fly time. Skyhour is working with over 350 airlines to provide the best
service and accessibility to their consumers.

With our powerful data network, we found over fifty micro-influencers focused on
travel to be the new faces of Skyhour. We picked some of our favorites and
reached out to them to give us some feedback about their experience with the
collaboration and about their Instagram’s in general.



Attributing his success to his pure passion and appreciation for cultures around
the world, Christian has grown his Instagram exponentially in the last year and
a half. By prepping and planning his posts weeks in advance, he makes time to
genuinely interact with his following. His advice for an aesthetically appealing
feed- make it cohesive, not monotone.



Cassie, with close to 6,000 followers, focused her efforts on making sure she
was still having fun with Instagram. When asked what advice she had to give to
others, she said that it should all feel more like an enjoyable hobby rather
than a job she felt obligated to tend to. Cassie was inspired because she
understood the importance of seeing the world but knew that not everyone was
fortunate to do so.



Jessica, an avid photographer and traveler, found it to be a no brainer to start
building her brand on Instagram. She discussed how her feed is a portfolio of
her best work, and avoids divulging too much of her day-to-day life in order to
maintain a sense of normalcy. When asked about how she decides what brands are
worth collaborating with, she said she only recommended brands that other
travelers would want to also use or find interesting.



Nandita & Raga, a couple who share a love of travel found their Instagram
growing only after a few months. A year later, the pair operates the account
which now has over 5,000 followers. They recommend keeping a level of
professionalism, and only post photos shot on a DSLR camera to maintain high
quality. They recommended others interested in travel to follow
@roamingtina and



Sol’s passion for travel and photography inspired her to create a beautifully
curated feed. Filled with amazing photos of her travels, in addition to more
personal photos of herself, she grew her following. When asked what advice she
would give to novice Instagrammers, she said “be consistent and create your own
style. Don't compare yourself with others, I mean it's good to be inspired by
other Instagram profiles, but don't try to be like everyone else.”



With a feed filled with adventures and artistically shot scenery, Jackson said
that it only took him about two years to build up his Instagram. When he moved
out to Los Angeles for film school, that's when he noticed a big boost in his
following. He takes advantage of his breaks from school to really get out there
and shoot as much content as possible.