Many brands face the problem of connecting with their consumers. Social media is
proven to be one of the easiest & most effective ways to combat this issue. The
brands who have been most successful in this often repost photos from their
customers. These Instagram users are ready & excited to be featured on some of
their favorite brands’ feeds. It is frequently done by the users posting their
photo with a specific hashtag. From there, the brand will pick the photo they
like the best & post it to the brands verified page. This is sought after by
users because it makes them feel like they are collaborating with the brand &
might even gain a few Instagram followers from the exposure.

1. GoPro


Almost every photo/video that is on their feed was submitted by a regular
Instagram user. This works to their advantage in multiple ways. First off, users
are connecting with the brand & their photo is being exposed to over 13.6
million people. Secondly, these photos prove the capability of the camera
itself. GoPro’s Instagram is simultaneously interacting with followers while
still advertising their product. Good job GoPro.

2. Daniel Wellington


Daniel Wellington has an extremely strong connection between its brand and
users. Almost all of DW’s Instagram feed is made up of photos taken by its
customers or influencers. Daniel Wellington has mastered engagement with its
followers by giving out free watches and in return gaining a ton of promotion.
The company created a branded hashtag, #danielwellington, which further
persuades every day Instagram users like you and I to post photos of their
watches. The best photos are then picked to show on DW’s Instagram account with
the hashtag, #DWpickoftheday.

3. Aerie


Aerie not only embraced the idea of engaging with its customers, but also
started a movement all surrounded around body positivity & girl power. Any photo
that Aerie uses is free from photoshop & retouching, including every girl who
uploads their photos using the #aeriereal tag. Aerie gave these average
Instagram users a platform to feel confident on, while still promoting the
latest & greatest products. By demonstrating how inclusive the brand is, Aerie
gained a following of women from all shapes & sizes.

4. Starbucks


With a blend of professionally taken promotional pictures, & reposted customer
photos, Starbucks’ Instagram feed is very esthetically pleasing. Starbucks has a
way of making customers feel included & that their business is appreciated when
they repost their photos. Depending on the season & the current style of the
classic coffee cups, they change up their theme. This is an extremely effective
way of marketing new drinks & desserts because many people want to immediately
try the new releases.

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